Shadow Boxing

A shot of self-psyching, taken right after I watched Mission Impossible III for the first time just now. Nice movie.

The reason I write now is quite unclear; perhaps what i have in mind is in such a blur that as these words are coming out of my brain to my fingers to make pressure on the appropriate letter keys on this wonder of human technology known as the keyboard, the thoughts would come together to form a good point that is bloggable and readable.

I'm still speculating as of the moment, and while I'm still trying to figure out why I'm actually doing this, I can go ahead and just exclaim how thankful I am to have good things provided to me by no one else but God, who purchased everything I was, am, and will be through the blood shed by Jesus on the cross so many years before the thought of my existence was even conceived. I am thankful for the gift of sight, perception, and reasoning, that I am able to do this on a very fast rate, pausing ever so slightly to get the keyboard synced up with my brain. I am currently going non stop and I don't think that I'm stopping any time soon. God is so good, that He has allowed me this time to go ahead and do this. Of course, i could be out, doing a hundred thousand other things, but I choose to glorify God right here right now in this time and during this last Sunday evening I have here before I head down to my new job assignement.

I have no clue as to what will transpire where I will be headed, but as I have so eloquently discussed in my last blog, I am very aware that the situation as a whole will define countless other things that I will need before I continue living this life that God has still allowed me to enjoy. I merely need to keep my head strong, and my eyes focused on the prize. This is easier said than done, but I'm afraid that I have no choice but to follow God, because this is the whole realization that Solomon, in his wisdom and resources concluded.

I'm slowing down now. Perhaps that's what I needed to say. However, for some reason, I am still going and going and going. The fact that I will be going down to manila is both haunting me and filling me with excitement. i say I am 'haunted' because Manila was never one of my favorite places in the sense that it's just so fricking hot down there. And blame the media for giving me quite a scare on what actually goes on in that immense and eventful city: Holdups, car crashes, snatchers, fucked up taxi drivers, and all sorts of other things come into my mind. I stopped watching TV Patrol simply because I was scared that the names of the very few but very good friends who God strengthened to live there might be flashed on the screen on night after they report another bomb blast in a crowded mall, or another hit-and-run case involving an unscathed tricycle and an overturned bus.

I am excited simply because I am being given more time to be closer to these very good friends I have mentioned earlier. This excitement is compounded by the fact that I am going to meet some people for the very first time, if God would allow me to. That's another thing. I am excited because this gives me more and more reason to be more and more dependent on the GOd that I claim I give everything to. What happens during work and out on the streets down there would most definitely make me prove the scream I keep giving to God each and every time I cry out to Him: "More of You, and less of me!"

Exhale. This is apparently a big thing for me, and I humbly give homage to those of you who read this and have definitely gone through a whole lot more than this. I obviously have a lot on my mind about this, and I don't know if you all felt the same way when you knew that something big was coming up. Forgive my ignorance on this matter, but I would understand if you all would say "It's just Manila", among other things that would go ahead and communicate the point that you've been there and you've done that.

FYI, I'm going there, and I'm going to do that. To God be the glory.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

- Romans 8:28