Two words for me.

Two words involving pain.

Two words revolving around my life right now.

Two words evoking all sorts of emotion.

Two words instilled in the events and situations I am in right now.

Two words against self.

Two words God knows about.

Two words promoting faith in God.

Two words I hated.

Two words I'm learning to accept.

Two words that must be done.

Two words that must be learned.

Two words, or life lacks life.

Two words, or spirit lacks spirit.


Sacrifice is selfishness broken.

Sacrifice is utter disregard of self.

Sacrifice was in kamikaze pilots.

Sacrifice was what Jesus was.

Sacrifice saved me.

Sacrifice is not suicide.

Sacrifice is surrender.


Surrender is not logical.

Surrender was never logical.

Surrender is not losing.

Surrender is conceding.

Surrender is not giving up.

Surrender is raising up to God.

Surrender is faith.

Surrender is trust in God.

Sacrifice. Surrender.