Palm Pilot

I'm sure that there are better things to look at.
Please bear with me as I am trying to stay awake
while struggling with frustration.

I saved up my cash
unloaded my stash
Just to buy a gadget
to control my budget
among other things.
This toy also sings
and it gets me online.
I write there when I whine.
It would be there to shine
when it's dark where I walk.
Right now it's two o'clock
and just how do I know?
It's placed in the low
part of the PDA screen
you'll know what I mean
when you get a Palm.

It's pretty cool how
this tool worked for me now
that a girl walked away
a few months before today
without saying goodbye
or a sign that I
should start to move on.
She just vanished, she's gone.
It was different before
days with her were not a bore.
Even at work we would talk
I wouldn't mind the clock
as I texted through my phone
(Palm Bluetoothed to my phone)
and I would reply with my Palm.
(the messages stay in the Palm)

That was extremely lame
that I would use the same
word to rhyme a rhyme
perhaps it's not the time
to write about this crap.
It's looking like rap.
But hell, it's a shot
because I got a lot
of weight on my chest
close to getting depressed
because right now I saw
that though my Palm was reset
fates went ahead and kept
all our messages we had
those that were good and bad
were still saved in my Palm.
This just hit me like a bomb.

Thoughts rushed to my mind.
my body reacted in kind.
Now my heart's pumping faster.
Now my blood's flowing quicker.
But it won't be like before
where all the hate would be stored.
This time the energy that comes
though it beats as hard as drums
it'll all be spent in prayer
for God to be with her
regardless of what happens
she will always be in His hands
because there is no other way
I could help her out today.

My Palm serves as an advisor,
alarm clock, entertainer.
And now it's a reminder
of how I should use prayer.

God, be with her.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7