Bourne Again

You guessed it; The Bourne Ultimatum comes out this weekend! Or at least Yahoo said so. It'd be ok if they were lying for the hype, because I haven't even finished the book yet!

At any rate, if you liked the movies, I highly recommend that you guys read the actual novels by Robert Ludlum. I personally looked like an idiot on our terrace as I was finishing the Bourne Supremacy, complete with all the WHOA!s DAMN!s and $#!+!s at around 3 in the morning.

I would understand if some people who read the book before watching the movie were disappointed; One thing that may get them to watch the 3rd installment is the fact that the antics of Jason Bourne in the book and in the film were independent - rather, Bourne does some really cool stuff in the movie which isn't in the book, and vice versa. Seeing as Ludlum served as a producer for the movie shows that he was in favor of the film rendition, and I'm guessing he injected some events that he wasn't able to include in his books.

That being said, we're being treated to two alternate stories concerning Jason Bourne, and if you aren't reading the legendary imagination-stretching novel, you're probably going to be watching a Hollywood-enhanced amnesiac spy on the big screen. That's smart foresight, in my opinion.

Ah well. I'm sorry. I'm babbling. By the way, I'm at work. Did I mention I was excited about the Bourne Ultimatum? You all have a good one. God Bless.