3 Years To Prepare, 5 Minutes To Say

Revelation just takes time to appreciate. What surprises me even more is that as much as you think you have all corners covered, it still would not prepare you with a good set of words to say when the time comes. I guess your feelings overwhelm you and overtake your train of thought, and apparently this is why many men and women in history and in movies babble incoherently when a fact is revealed to them so suddenly.

Regardless of how you take it, we all have to understand that some things have to stay in the dark until the opportune time. I know, because just an hour ago I learned something that I have had latched to my head, with or without my consent, for the past 2 to 3 years. If you've recently learned something about someone that you were dying to know at this time that I did too, God bless you. However, if there's still that mystery in your brain that you think you couldn't shake off, remember to thank God still because I'm sure that the pleasure you would feel when what you need to know comes to you was kept away for a period of time for you to grow up to appreciate. I can finally say, trust me, I know.

Besides, if I learned about what I needed to know a lot earlier, I wouldn't have forgiven Andreia. I've posted too much about her, and each and every word prepared me for this time. May God be praised, and may He continue to bless you all.