Yanked From The Trench

(A follow up to Good Friday)

So I went to work today, and I was ready to do the job they set my expectations for last week (see my last post about it - you might have some confusion in finding it as back then, my time zones for both my blog and here in multiply were not synchronized). I was not able to join the front immediately as we had an unexpected tools problem, which translates to jammed or pretty much worthless guns. But eventually the time came. I take 3 calls, and Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Gomez(?), and Mr. Baydour were given the best that I had. Least I think they did.

Anyway, after coming from the john, I was approached by a manager who mentioned that I was assigned to another task. I then spent the rest of my day imparting knowledge on a group of people regarding what to expect when they hit the front themselves. I am also surprised to see that there were some familiar faces in this group of grunts-to-be; They were the 5 whose heads we supposedly chopped off last week.

Rewind to a few hours before my shift started. As I was having whatever anyone who has a 9pm-6am shift and wakes up at around 5pm considers their first meal (I gave up on what to call it), I fumbled for a random DVD from the TV cabinet and put it in the player. It was Saving Private Ryan, and I fast forwarded to the parts without too much gratituous use of sugar, water, red dye, and artificial limbs. One of these parts was when Captain Miller told his battalion that they had to take down what looked like an innocent abandoned radio station but was, in fact, a German post.

The majority of the crew, including Reiben and Jackson (who, in my opinion was the coolest guy in the group) didn't take that lightly. I'd have to say that I understood their objections. I imagine I'd say "The mission that we were on was already as FUBAR as it is, and now we have to involve ourselves in a skirmish, which means that we'd have to put our lives on the line for something that we can easily avoid?"

Miller responded by saying, "What, should we just leave it alone for the next company to be ambushed?"

My point in relating that scene is, our responsibilities, no matter how abrupt they come or how unfeasible they may seem, may leave us or other people vulnerable to its possibly deadly effects in the future. It took me a weekend of worry to accept that fact enough to wake up yesterday afternoon.

That being said, I'm glad I came in today. I remember attempting to memorize the following verse before stepping out of the house:

"Tackle every task that comes along, and if you fear God you can expect His blessing." (Ecclesiastes 7:18, The Living Bible)

Apparently we deny ourselves of blessings too. God be with us all this week.