Light And Faith In Trials And Rebuke

So while I was brooding over what transpired today,
I felt a little more confident than usual to shoot. In the Magsaysay Area.
This is the Center Mall Crossing.

Ever since I resigned from Sitel, all I did was wander. I spent my back pay extending my time in Manila, supposedly to work for a cause which I still believe is a scam. I eventually made my way back up to Baguio, with the intention of helping out in watching over my sick Dad. I polished my driving skills and took him to and from the hospital for check ups and emergencies... And when he passed away I drove more. 

Didn't really think of a job at this time. I think I remember looking but I procrastinated. I remember trying to write and shoot more. 

So Dad was gone, and people were looking at me to watch over Mom and the stuff that Dad left behind. I was traveling all around, learning stuff about real estate, and handling things I never thought I would handle - squatters, taxes, registration, etc.

I was also ordained as a pastor in Good News, so I was helping out there too. 

Mom couldn't pass on apples for 10 Pesos. She saw that sign from across the street, but she didn't see that the apples weren't as good as she expected. 

Now it's around a year and a half later, and I just had my ass handed over to me in a sling, by a rebuke I suppose I was scared to receive. Nothing much has changed. If there was anything added, it was tasks and responsibilities. 

I've always said that I enjoyed working at church because regardless of what I did, I knew that it was all going somewhere. It was so unlike call center work, where what you do had no guarantee of profit. 

Unfortunately, I was exchanging challenge for comfort, and now getting out of comfort is a challenge... Until I was challenged. 

Lord, what a beautiful love You have for us. For me. You know what's best for me. You know my potential. And though it's the day before Christmas, a day supposedly seen by many as a day of relaxation, I feel challenged, more than offended. Actually, I'm offended that I haven't taken this as a challenge earlier. You truly chasten those whom You love, and I am just so thankful. 

If my Dad was here, he would have told me to get off my ass a long time ago. But thank God. He may not be around for the moment, but our Heavenly Father is always faithful. He loves me, and today I know it because He chastened me. 

So I've been talking about light and faith seen and developed in all things lately. We've discussed how it is seen in nature and people and situations. Now I choose to see light and how the Holy Spirit strengthens our faith through rebukes. 

Open rebuke is better than hidden love. Oftentimes rebukes come because we had them coming. When we are in the darkness and/or confusion associated with putting off issues that actually needed our attention, I suppose grace comes in the form more straight to the point. 

Correction comes and motivation ensues. Faith is consequently developed and we move forward in a greater confidence in Christ. 

I suppose I've rested enough from working in a call center. I'm in my 30s and I got a lot more in store for me. I'm thankful to The Lord who has plans to prosper me and not to harm me. I'm excited to see how He continues to move in and through me through this Christmas and in the year to come. 

This is probably my biggest set back which God has turned into a set up, and is therefore one of the most important gifts I've ever received during Christmas. 

There is more to this life in Christ. Not only do I have life, but I intend to fully find out this life abundant. I'm sick of insisting on my brand of comfort and pleasure. I know that in Christ, there is also true comfort and true pleasure to be found. 

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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. - Numbers 6:24-26