Insult By Association

There has to be a way to read people's minds the first time you meet them in order for you to day if they would ruin your life in the future. What strikes me is that when all of us were in school we all had that yearning to belong, or we all just wanted to be recognized. Hell, at least I did.

So there probably isn't an exact way to dig deep into a person's soul at first glance. I guess this is more of a lesson regarding being careful for what you ask for. Or is it about being careful in choosing what you want?

Today, I never imagined being acquainted to so many people before, and that was quite thrilling; I suppose none of us ever imagined the huge number of people you would have to know in a lifetime just to get by. I guess this is why some of us keep Friendster accounts to stay updated or something.

In this level, I've had regrets in associating myself to some people.

See, just a while back at work, I was talking to a friend who wanted me to give my opinion on a certain quote by Alexander Pope. It was a tough one to understand, and it was tougher to expound on what you thought you understood about it. But it came out. After spending a few minutes in using my brain like any other human being would when faced with a challenge, I told her what I thought, and I get called something that I hate being called in return. Not just one time. And in a chat conference with other good friends.

The main point of it is, I tried to help someone, and she thanks me by slapping me in the face. In front of people that matter.

I'm still a firm believer in the fact that everything that happens has its own particular purpose. That being said I take back what I said with regards to regret.

But what in God's name am I supposed to learn from that?