A Message For You

Hey there beloved in Christ. I'm talking to you. Yes, you. Yes, I meant that. You are Christ's beloved. Yes, He loves you. There's no other person He loves more than you. You are God's favorite. I'm also His favorite. How is that possible? He's God. He is boundless and timeless. That means that we can all be His favorites at one time. He knows all there is to know about you and me, and despite all the imperfections we would see, He became our nothing and gave us His everything. Let me rephrase that. He didn't just take our sin - beloved, He BECAME sin so that you would not just have his righteousness but so you would BECOME His righteousness. 

This is why we praise Him. This is why we sing. This is why we give. This is why we forgive. This is why we love, because Christ loved us first. 

God bless you, beloved in Christ. I love you with the awesome, miraculous, supernatural love of our loving Father.