The Right Stuff

Painful memories are like grenades, in my idea of a soldier's perspective.

You can't hold on to them. If someone's shooting at you, and if he hits one on you, it's bound to kill you, or seriously maim you at the least. And that isn't counting the people around you.

The sooner you let go of them, the sooner you have room to work with other more effective weapons. More on this shortly.

You have to think of the right way to throw them. The method of how you let go determines if you make the greatest impact, or if you just make noise and give your position away.

It takes a lot of practice to throw a grenade effectively. If we make the wrong decisions, we are given more grenades to practice with until we get it right.

There are other devices that must be used. I would like to think that a soldier with a strong shield, like a Christian with strong faith, could do nothing but defend himself without the right weapon.

What weapon should we use?

The Bible.

No, we don't beat people with a book literally.