Countdown (The Need To Speak?)

I'm dressed close to decent, and I have nowhere to go, killing time until I sleep to wake up to work the next day. My current efforts are costing me a single Philippine currency unit a minute, as I am in an internet shop whose rates are slightly exhorbitant, but satisfactory when quality (i.e. speed) is considered. My efforts in this area are quite futile, seeing as they will be closing in 20 minutes, which roughly translates to close to 20 pesos more out of my wallet in effect.

There's only so much to do when you have so little time. Perhaps seeking God's kingdom in such short notice sounds a bit too broad, but I'm thinking it is possible. See, I can go ahead and say that you have no better option than to go to God if the rest of the world does not seem to give you the fulfillment you seek in a day.

Rest days spent here in Manila could use more pep, in my personal opinion. I'm just waiting for God to say Au Contraire... And with 10 minutes left on the clock I seriously doubt that God's grace would be amplified even more here in the Internet shop. No, sir, I guess I'm needed somewhere else, but why are my fingers still typing like I still have something to say? Perhaps there's just something that's left to be said, something that's left to be impressed upon you before I post this and log out?

I'm being left with more questions with more time being spent here, Notepad in front of me, listening to Mr. Big in the background. What's the deal? What am I doing? What needs to be said?

8 minutes. I have a title for this blog, and for the first time in many blogs I find myself with a title in mind before the body of the article is done. I'm feeling the anxiety of lack of performance, lack of fulfillment. What's left to do after this? The options that I have are certainly very limited, especially since I'm trying to save money, an act I never thought I could do when I'm here. Besides, it seems as if I'm being blessed to be here to take on bigger blessings and responsibilities.

I don't really know what I said back there. What's the deal? What's happening? Why am I helplessly trying the fight the inevitable fact which is striking in my mind right now - That there probably isn't anything of substance to express here in the few minutes I have left?

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

- Matthew 6:33