The Storm Before The Calm

Is a wound re-inflicted just as painful the second time around? I would't like to think so, but I'm not necessarily believing in the fact that constant exposure to something feigns contempt. See, I'd still like to practice sensitivity by choice, because it basically helps me out more with my prayers, in the sense that I can cover all sorts of aspects, with the right sort of conviction that I feel is more synonymous with pouring my heart out to God.

And pouring my heart out would be quite an understatement, in the face of the many significant things to pray for, made more significant by the fact that they've been happening in such a short amount of time, in a place not familiar. I pour my heart out as I feel that this is a prerequisite for the demonstration of God's absolute power and control over everything in my life. No, over everything in actual reality. This, in my opinion, is the definite truth that people who run away from God definitely deny for their own selfish means and motives.

Tragedy and circumstance can make or break us. And the only decision to make is if you desire to place your complete trust in God or not. It's not even a question of if you believe in God or not, because He is as true as the situation that you're in. You can choose to run from it, but sooner or later, you will have to face truth. As long as we have breath, as long as we have life, we still have the chance to turn to the Lord, who have never left nor forsaken us, and who is with us until the ends of the earth. My prayer is that we all realize this before it is too late. I love you all with God's love, and I simply cannot live any longer communicating this.

I cannot say this unless I have not experienced it myself. May God bless you with wisdom, strength and knowledge through all the trials that you have in your life.