Pain, Season II, Epilogue

That's funny. 'Epilogue' sounds a little bit more appealing than 'Pahabol'. Asan si Inday? Magusap nga tayo!



No, I'm not going to bitch. It is kinda hard to shut up about it, in this phase. Nevertheless, it had to be opened up again. I happened to stumble upon a good friend a few hours back. While I told him about the situation I was into, I noticed that it was a lot easier for me to elaborate on every single detail. Perhaps I've been running my mouth a little bit too much about this?

Maybe not. The thing is, he had a good piece of advice for me as well. Actually, that other person I talked to about this issue yesterday had the same words of wisdom, but it only kicked me in the back of my head today. Whereas the girl from yesterday told me 'saka na lang', the friend from today told me "saka na lang, God's probably working on it or waiting for you to straighten up."

Taglish talaga eh, no? Tsooooong!

Moving forward, those words meant something to me. As some of you have probably known, I was smoke free for a week around 2 weeks ago. At the time I also threw in some additional challenges besides saying no to Marlboro. There were other things I quit too, and there was the challenge to report to work early every day. I followed all this faithfully for a week.

The taglish line mentioned earlier sunk in when I examined my motives behind all this physical, mental, and spiritual detox methods. It was simply my way of getting favor from the powers that be for some revalation regarding the vanishing. Through that line, my friend reminded me that this was probably a message from the Man upstairs stressing for me to straighten up for the reason of straightening up.

That, in my opinion, will keep me occupied while I wait for the revalation which will come in His time.

I'm a lot more confident in closing this ticket now. God be with us all.

You guys have a good one.