Pain, Season II Episode II

Name one song by Alison Krauss. Chances are you'll think of "When you say nothing at all", the song which was raped and consequently made attractive to pre-pubescent females by Ronan Keating.

What's that one line? 'You say the best when you say nothing at all', innit? Somebody tell me how they interpret that. I imagine some say that it means that 'actions speak louder than words'. Some of us who tend to make a specially developed guffaw for boybands and their pathetic approaches in 'recycling' old classics would say that this means 'just shut up,' or something to that intention.

I'm not going to give my own interpretation to this lyric, because at this current time and place I do not believe that certain people say the best when they say nothing at all. It's the impatient side of me which is acting up again, and I'm feeling the anguish which accompanies the deafening sound of silence, where a simple 'I'm okay, but just give me a moment because I have bigger things to think about' or a 'Get lost' would have been accomodated with equal earnest.

As I was typing that last sentence down, I was reminded by the convenient voice in the back of every human being's head that I have been looking at the negative side of uncertainty. This apparently was the same error I committed when this sort of pain came the first time around.

I wanna be sedated.

Maybe then I'd think with more confidence.