They say to recognize your strengths and work on your weaknesses. I'm led to think otherwise; we should know our strengths and work on them even more.

Writing comes to mind. Sure, I am able to delve into photography, but once a strength is dependent on particular tools (in this case, a camera), I'm to think that other skills need sharpening until those tools are made available. What's nice about writing is that I don't need much to do it, much less to practice it. I'm learning that you don't even need a pad or a pen, or a touchscreen, or a keyboard - communicate an idea or discuss it long enough and it is committed into our wonderful brains, ready for recording in a different medium at a later time. 

I've been led to go back to watching more Ray Mears and his ideas on bushcraft. He has a very valid point in saying that gear may be essential, but knowledge doesn't weigh anything. 

So in a situation when I see a landscape that moves me and I'm caught without a camera that captures the scene as I would have wanted to remember it, I will remember to write about it instead.

More on this some other time... God bless and keep you.