Speed Blessing

Something I've learned about learning in general is that it's always best to seek out new things to do, and new challenges to take on. I have committed myself to writing whatever I have in my mind right now with a time constraint of 20 minutes.

Why? Well, we just picked up my other brother from the airport around an hour ago, and we're sharing a room. I wouldn't like to be too much of an inconvenience to him, especially since he actually had a shift before flying over here.

Hore importantly, I just want to go ahead and express my joy in writing under a roof where all of us are together once again. Dad. Mom. Pep. Emily. Hazel. Aaron (Their cute, cuddly, hyper and mowhawked new addition). Kip. Me. After 3 long years, we have dinner, and then we play poker while mom tends to Aaron.

I was slowly becoming the short stacker when suddenly I get pocket aces. My brother goes all in, forcing me to go all in as well. I see a pair of Kings come out on the flop. I forget what the turn card is. The last card turns out to be a seven of something. I let out a breath of mixed emotions while turning my pocket aces over, when my heart drops as my niece, Hazel, reveals her pocket sevens. My heart sinks as 777 flashes into my mind. Argh. Great work. I think to myself, I never had a chance.

As those words crossed my mind, I am reminded of another situation in the past which led me to say the same phrase when I blogged about yet another friend who basically told me I never had a chance in the first place. Now that I think of it, it certainly takes some conviction to say that phrase. I mean, if I was the guy in need of something, and if I said that, anyone else can go ahead and translate that as the complete loss of hope in a situation.

So I thought to myself, no more. I shouldn't be saying that. Ever. Perhaps it's better to say, so close, yet so far. 'Least I can take walking longer down a road as long as there's certainty of something happening.

Now as I typed that down, I guess that's one thing that would give me more clarity in discussing whatever I have to say in more detail. Take note that I mentioned 'the certainty of something happening', and not 'the certainty of something I want to happen sooner or later'. The effects on me would be quite devastating - rather, even more educating - if I went ahead and insisted on hoping on something that I want.

People, my point here is that we can't necessarily go ahead and say that everything is going to be all right if we see some sort of semblance of a sign that things would happen the way we perceive would be the best - in other words, we'd rather not hope if what we're hoping for is something for just us.

I just want to say that we still have to place our faith in the God who put us here in the first place, the God who has total control over everything.

I guess this is one other way of applying the best ways for us to use our control over what we react on.

I hope this helped you realize things.

20 minutes is up. I don't know if I made any sense on this. Feedback is welcome. God bless you.