High School Reunion

They say the anticipation of something is just as if not more exciting than actually getting that thing. Sure, it's a trip and all, but there's always a catch, a period of frustration. In this particular case, it's when you're lying down in bed, struggling to cast the vast number of thoughts in your head away to sleep, and to wake up to the event, the climax.

I noticed it kind of sucks regardless of what you'll be getting when you wake up. It could be Christmas or your walk to the electric chair, but for some reason some time has to be spent catching some z's. I'm just saying.

Anyway, I have no clue of what I'm experiencing right now. I'm rested. I woke up a tad bit earlier than expected, but hell, I'd like to think that I took advantage of the 2 hours I had to sleep. What's disturbing me is that I couldn't sleep again (that ominous heart thumping which accompanies excitement is contributing to this significantly), and I have no clear idea why.

In around 7 or 8 hours from now, I will be meeting people from a quite unpleasant past. I guess you can say I'm scared; I'm scared because I have no idea how things will go.

So far this year has been about reconcilliation; I hope it continues after today.

God be with us all. Later.